The Nashes


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The Nash Pets


Vader is a flame-point Himalayan born on August 12, 1995 in Durham, NC.  Vader was found to have a heart condition when he was only three years old.  Since then he has appeared to be healthy.  It was recently discovered that his heart is also enlarged.  After further tests we learned that his heart is operating within normal parameters at this time.  Therefore all he requires, for now, is monitoring of his condition.  Vader is a humble, gentle cat who loves a good belly rub and a place to hide his face.


Lucy is a seal-point Siamese born February 2, 1996 in Jacksonville, NC.  A typical Siamese, she is vocal and demanding.  She is also eager to express her love.  Lucy enjoys finding somewhere warm to sleep throughout the day and night.  There is nothing she loves more than sleeping in with us through the morning on our days off.


Millie is a blue brindle American Pit Bull Terrier born August 27, 2005 in Marble, NC. We both grew up around pits and know what wonderful family pets they can be.  Millie is with us almost everywhere we go.  She loves to go geocaching, running, and riding. 



Since the move we are back into marine aquariums.  We are currently setting up a 24 gallon nano reef and a 55 gallon with an eel and a lion fish.