The Nashes  


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Jason & Angie Nash
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In February of 2004 we bought a new Jeep Rubicon in Light Khaki Metallic. I (Angie) have always wanted a Jeep and with the Rubicon Jason couldn't say "No" any longer. We have begun working on the modifications and I'm sure this Jeep will be a continual work in progress. The modifications that we have done so far include:

bulletOptima Blue Top Battery
bulletCobra 75 CB
bulletWarn SDB-210 Dual Beam Lights
bulletSkid Row Steering Box Skid
bulletSkid Row Lower Control Arm Skids
bulletNth Degree Mobility Oil Pan Skid
bulletWarn Differential Skids (Front and Rear)
bulletWarn Gas Tank Skid
bulletWarn 6" Fender Flares
bulletAEV Rocker Guards
bulletOff Road Technology Rear Bumper with Swing Away Tire Carrier
bulletARB Front Bumper
bulletNth Degree Mobility Tummy Tucker
bulletWarn XD9000i Winch
bulletX-Line Synthetic Winch Rope
bulletHi-Lift Jack
bulletTeraFlex 4" Springs
bulletTeraflex Rear Shock Relocators
bulletOld Man Emu Shocks
bulletRubicon Express Extended Front Brake Lines
bulletProcomp Front Adjustable Track Bar
bulletOff Road Only SwayLoc
bulletJKS Front Upper and Lower Control Arms
bulletJKS Rear Lower Control Arms
bulletNth Degree Mobility Stinger
bullet33" x 12.5" x 15" Goodyear Wrangler MT/R
bullet15" x 8" Unique Steel Street Lock Wheels
bulletTom Woods Drive Shaft
bulletAlloy USA Front & Rear Axle Shafts
bulletB&M Short Throw Shifter
bulletOff Road Only U-Turn Steering
bulletHomemade 1" Front Seat Lift
bulletMopar Front Seat Covers
bulletBestop Sunlighter Bikini Top
bulletJeep Vanity Plate
bulletBlack Rubicon and Jeep Decals (replacing the stock silver decals)
bulletRock Hard 4x4 Sport Cage




After (from the side)

After (from the back)

Six weeks after buying our Jeep we took it to the Spring 2004 Appalachian Jeep Jamboree at Tellico in Murphy, NC. The people were fantastic, they really made it fun. Go Red Team! Our team ran trails 1, 4, 5, 6, and part of 8. We had a great time and made good use of the skid plates while we were there. Below are some of the pictures we took while on the trip, more pictures can be found here.


Latest Mod:

Off Road Only U-Turn Steering

Next Planned Mod:
Nth Degree Mobility 4.5" LA Lift